Learning academy launched by Coleshill automotive supplier

With the continuing success of Jaguar Land Rover and the automotive industry in general, the pressure on the Midlands supply chain to find new skilled labour continues to be an issue.

One key supplier partner to the automotive giant has taken its own destiny and that of its new recruits in its own hands.

The Sertec Group continues to grow and the investment in bricks and mortar, plant and equipment has certainly increased manufacturing capacity. But to sustain such growth, the business is now investing in its people with the launch of the Sertec Learning Academy.

Training has always been a part of building an effective and efficient workforce at Sertec’s five Birmingham factories. But with the launch of the Academy, Sertec can now take new, unskilled people, give them a world class induction and train them before a single day’s work is done.

Based at Sertec’s Wincaster House headquarters in Coleshill, the Learning Academy will cover all aspects of the manufacturing processes involved in the supply of automotive components, not only for new starters but for existing employees too.

Member of Parliament for North Warwickshire Craig Tracey was invited to officially open the Academy and was impressed with this initiative. As a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Business Innovation and Skills, he took a keen interest in Sertec’s proactive efforts in the face of the manufacturing skills shortage.

“I was delighted to be asked to officially open Sertec’s new Learning Academy and see firsthand how this important employer in the constituency is tackling their skills shortage in such innovative way. This new facility shows the importance that the company puts in their people and I am sure this will be used as a blueprint for other companies around the country. It is great news that once again a North Warwickshire company is leading the way"



Sertec Group Chief Executive Grant Adams said “This is only just the beginning. The possibilities are endless in our efforts to up-skill our workforce and with our current team of 1500 people increasing by a further 100 workers over the next twelve months, the Academy is an essential development in the future of our business”.