Trident renewal

The renewal of Trident was passed in the House of Commons.

In an ideal world there would be no need for nuclear defence systems, however, we live in the real world which has many uncertainties. That is why I believe it is imperative that the UK is properly protected no matter what may happen in the future. We must not forget that it is the first responsibility of the Government to defend its citizens. 

Despite successes over recent decades in limiting the number of states with nuclear capabilities, we cannot rule out a major shift in the international security situation which would put us under grave threat. That is why I do not believe it would be right to give up this capability unilaterally. 
The Government's policy is to retain the Trident continuous at sea nuclear deterrent to provide the ultimate guarantee of our safety and build the new fleet of four Successor Ballistic Missile Submarines - securing thousands of highly-skilled engineering jobs in the UK. 
The House has now voted to renew Trident with a fleet of four submarines. It would be wrong to leave Britain open to nuclear blackmail. The nuclear deterrent protects all of Britain, and scrapping it would dangerously weaken our collective defence.