Tearfund Climate Change campaign

Climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world today, and like you, I worry about its impact both at home and on those in poorer nations. It threatens to set back much of the progress made in tackling inequality and poverty. The UK is taking a leading role as the world works towards achieving a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and limiting climate change to manageable levels. 
The Government is sending clear signals to investors and businesses that our country is in the process of transitioning to a low-carbon economy. The Energy Act 2013 is being used to decarbonise the UK's energy sector by incentivising investment into new, sustainable technologies, while the Government is doubling its own spending on energy innovation. I hope this will bring about sustainable and clean forms of energy generation. 
Britain is already leading the way. We will be one of the first developed countries to take coal out of the energy mix completely, with the announcement that all coal-fired power stations where carbon emissions aren't being captured and stored will be closed by 2025. Renewable capacity has trebled since 2010, and the Government has sent clear signals to investors and businesses about the shift to a low carbon economy through its Clean Growth Strategy. 
As part of the promised climate finance, the Government has committed £5.8 billion by 2020 to help the world's poorest adapt to climate change and promote cleaner, greener economic growth, in addition to working with private interests to stimulate investment into developing nations.