Refugees campaign - CARE international

Britain has a proud record of helping the most vulnerable who are fleeing conflict and danger, and I know the Government is committed to upholding this fine tradition. That is why its response to the migrant crisis has indeed been to establish resettlement schemes from the refugee camps in the region. This allows support to be targeted to the most vulnerable people affected by the crisis, while not creating a strong incentive for refugees to undertake dangerous journeys. By 2020, the UK will have resettled 20,000 refugees through our Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme, as well as a further 3,000 of the most vulnerable children and their families from the Middle East and North Africa region under the Vulnerable Children's Resettlement Scheme.
Over 33,000 asylum claims were received in the UK in 2016, and I should also highlight that according to EU figures, in 2016 the UK resettled the highest number of refugees of any EU country, a response that the UN has described as 'remarkable' and comprehensive'. I welcome the support the UK provides to its European counterparts, providing an expert who has been seconded to Greece in addition to the long-standing secondee in Italy to support those countries' asylum systems. The UK has so far spent £28 million to support migrants and refugees in Greece through key partners such as UNHCR, IOM, the Red Cross, and a consortium of NGOs. This support has reached more than 250,000 people.
I understand concerns about the future of refugee protection post-Brexit, but the Government has been clear that it is determined to fulfil its commitments. As negotiations with the EU are currently ongoing, it is too soon to say exactly what technical format that will take. However I am determined to make sure that the UK continues to be a world leader in providing support for those who need it most.