Labour and Lib Dem MPs do not respect the will of the people over Brexit

Local Member of Parliament and leave voter Craig Tracey has criticised Labour and Lib Dem MPs for their latest attempts to undermine the Brexit process this week.

Many Labour, Lib Dem, SNP and Green MPs joined together to put an amendment into the Queen’s Speech which would have seen the UK remain in the EU Single Market. The amendment was defeated with Conservative MPs such as Craig Tracey voting against.

Mr Tracey, the North Warwickshire & Bedworth MP, commented:
“I think it is very underhand for these Labour and Lib Dem MPs to try to reverse the democratic will of the people.
Why don’t they understand that we voted to leave the EU? By trying to keep us in the Single Market we will have to abide by most of the rules of membership, therefore we would not in reality be leaving. I promised residents in our community, who voted by 67% to leave, that I would ensure their decision to leave was respected. Clearly only the Conservatives can and will deliver Brexit and respect the democratic process of the referendum.”