Supporting George Eliot Hospital

We need to ensure that our local hospital is never mismanaged again as it was under Labour.

Following the Mid-Staffs NHS Scandal under the previous Labour Government the Keogh report set out to improve hospitals around the country. The report named the George Eliot as one of the 14 dangerously mismanaged hospitals under Labour – at these 14 hospitals 13,000 ‘excessive’ patient deaths occurred since 2005.

We cannot go back to these dark days; the Conservatives have ring-fenced NHS spending during this parliament and recently announced and extra £2bn a year investment.

Since being put into special measures the Eliot has seen more investment, more nurses, more doctors and a significant reduction in mortality rates. Because it is now getting the support it needs the Eliot has successfully met the criteria it needed to come out of Special measures. 

I will continue regular meetings with staff to monitor progress & work with them to continue improvement in care. I will also meet with patients to ensure quality is maintained.

The Eliot fell into special measures under Labour's management. I am determined this will never happen again.

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