Peace process in the Holy Land

I firmly believe that the international community must redouble its efforts to support a comprehensive peace agreement that delivers an independent Palestine alongside a safe and secure Israel, and I know that the Foreign Secretary shares this view. A two-state solution brought about through agreement is the most effective way for Palestinian aspirations of statehood to be met. 

The UK Government continues to call on the Israeli Government to ease movement and access restrictions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as taking practical steps to improve conditions including restoring the availability of electricity as a matter of urgency. 

The UK supports the UN Access Coordination Unit which works with the Israeli Government, Palestinian Authority and aid agencies to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian goods, including medical supplies and equipment in and out of Gaza.
I am encouraged that the Department for International Development is helping to build Palestinian institutions and promote economic growth, so that any future state will be prosperous and an effective partner for peace.