NSPCC Campaign

Schools should be providing all young people with a curriculum that equips them for adult life. I am encouraged that the Government has legislated to make Relationships and Sex Education mandatory for all secondary school aged children, and Relationships Education for all primary school aged children, so that pupils are taught the knowledge they will need to stay safe and develop healthy relationships.
This generation of young people will be the first to grow up more technologically literate than their parents and teachers. While the internet provides access to a world of new information and points of view, it also exposes young people to very real harms. On top of protecting children from being able to access inappropriate material, steps are being taken to educate them about the dangers of the internet. The internet safety strategy aims to make the UK the safest place in the world for children and young people to go online. The Government is working with experts, social media companies, tech firms, charities and young people.
Let me assure you that tackling all forms of abuse and exploitation of children by anyone is a priority. Ministers are continuing with the important work of overhauling how police, social care and other agencies work together to protect vulnerable children.