Proposed boundary changes in North Warwickshire

I am pleased that the Boundary Commission has continued the common sense approach of uniting the whole of the Borough of North Warwickshire alongside the town of Bedworth, thus bringing in Arley and Hartshill to our constituency. The alternative, which was campaigned for by the local Labour Party, would have seen our community divided into different areas.

We would have liked Bedworth to be officially recognised in the name of the constituency, but unfortunately our proposal was rejected.

These final Boundary Commission proposals will now be voted on in Parliament to be ratified. What was key to these proposals was that it equalises every constituency, so that roughly the same number of people are in each. At the moment there are constituencies with 50,000 voters and others with nearly 100,000. These changes would ensure everyone’s vote would have equal weighting – which is very important in a democracy.