Net migration fall is welcome but figures are still too high says MP Craig Tracey

The latest immigration figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has shown a reduction in annual net-migration to the UK of nearly 50,000 people – its lowest level in three years. The level for the year was 273,000.

Local MP Craig Tracey, who has been a proponent of more control of the UK’s borders, gave a mixed reaction to the news:
“I think it is really important that we have a fair but stronger system in place where those who have skills needed or job offers are welcomed, but numbers need to be restricted so that services such as the NHS, schools, transport and housing do not come under such a strain.

“I am pleased that the latest figures show a reduction. The message I receive locally is that high levels of immigration is a concern for residents and the freedom of movement in the EU was a key reason for people voting to leave. I am convinced that once we leave the EU we will be able to properly control immigration to make the system sustainable.”

Mr Tracey has written to Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill to urge him to make levels of net-migration more sustainable following the ONS reporting progress towards a target of ‘tens of thousands’ per year.