More good news on local jobs in North Warwickshire & Bedworth

Craig Tracey & Dan Byles MP have today welcomed the latest figures showing that 1774 fewer people in North Warwickshire & Bedworth are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance than in January 2010. 

Craig, who is standing for election locally in next year’s Parliamentary election said:

“This means more local people in work, with the security of a regular pay packet and a better future ahead of them. I run a small business and know the vital role in reducing unemployment these types of businesses are providing. In the last year alone there are 461 less people unemployed in North Warwickshire & Bedworth.” 

Across Britain the number of people relying on Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen to 0.93 million people, its lowest level since August 2008. 

People are moving off benefits and into work, with a record 30.79 million people now in work. That’s 694,000 more people in work than a year ago. Across the West Midlands there are 87,000 more people in work compared to the last election. 

Craig Tracey continued:
“We have seen that jobs are being created in North Warwickshire & Bedworth in places like Aldi’s HQ in Atherstone; where the Prime Minister and I visited this week. Their announcement of new local jobs as-well-as 1000s of more jobs across the country shows confidence in the Government’s long-term economic plan.” 

Local MP Dan Byles, who has run local jobs fairs for residents said:

“Today’s strong jobs numbers are great news for our area. We’re helping people get off benefits and into work, giving them the security and peace of mind of a regular pay packet. 

“We have helped local businesses to create jobs by backing them with lower taxes and better infrastructure. And we have helped people get off benefits and into work through our welfare reforms, ending a something for nothing culture and making work pay.” 

“This means a brighter, more secure future for hardworking taxpayers in North Warwickshire & Bedworth who want to work hard and get on in life.”