Local Newpaper Column - Brexit latest

Brexit continues to dominate debate in Parliament with Labour and opposition MPs tabling a debate on the Government’s plan in an attempt to publish a full plan before invoking Article 50.

Anyone with any sense knows that you cannot reveal your full strategy and demands before going into a negotiation – you certainly won’t end up with what you want.

The British people have already given the Government the go ahead to invoke Article 50, so in my opinion the opposition debate calling on the Prime Minister to publish the Government’s plan for leaving before invoking article 50 is unnecessary and ignores the biggest democratic mandate and instruction in this country’s history, obtained from seventeen million, four hundred and ten thousand, seven hundred and forty two people voting to leave.

The Prime Minister Theresa May tabled a counter motion which meant that MPs had to vote on a timetable for triggering article 50 (before the end of March), I am pleased that Parliament has voted by a large majority to back our timetable, however some Labour , Lib Dem and SNP MPs voted against it. We now need to concentrate on how we get the best outcome for our country. That means sticking to our plan and timetable and getting on with the work of developing our negotiating strategy.

I still believe the UK has a very positive future, nobody said it would be an easy process but I have great confidence in our country’s potential.