Local MP’s urge Council to Urgently Review Housing Plans

Craig Tracey MP for Bedworth, Marcus Jones MP for Nuneaton and Mark Pawsey MP for Bulkington visited Nuneaton Town Hall to deliver a letter to Julie Jackson, Leader of Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council.

The three MPs have been working closely with local residents’ groups who are concerned that the housing need for the area has been overestimated.  The MP’s have written to Cllr Jackson to call for an immediate review of the housing numbers in the ill-fated Borough Plan and a reduction in line with new Government guidelines. 

Craig Tracey MP said, “I recognise there is an urgent need for affordable housing in Bedworth, however we must get the numbers right in order to be able to meet the housing needs of local residents while protecting our treasured countryside and green spaces.”

Marcus Jones MP said, “The housing target of this magnitude should never have been accepted, the allocation meant for Coventry is putting huge pressure onto our precious green fields. We need an immediate review to be instigated by the Borough Council, although yet again we’re seeing that our Labour councillors are ignoring public feeling on this important issue, they need to start listening.”

Mark Pawsey MP said, “New housing is needed to ensure that families and residents can live within their local communities, but these new houses must be balanced against the existing infrastructure and the needs of local residents. Whilst many councils have recognised these challenges, the people of Bulkington have been let down by this Local Plan and it therefore needs urgent reconsideration.”