Local MPs submit residents’ petition backing Maintained Nursery Schools

Craig Tracey MP for North Warwickshire & Bedworth and Marcus Jones MP for Nuneaton have submitted petitions in parliament signed by local parents, teachers and supporters of maintained nursery schools in our community.

Maintained nursery schools are local authority run schools providing outstanding education and care to 2-4 year olds, including some of the community’s most vulnerable children. Funding has been guaranteed until 2019-20 for the nurseries. However there are no guarantees after March 2020, leaving uncertainty over their future.

The petitions raised the concerns of those close to the nurseries and urged Parliament to take action to ensure the financial stability of nursery schools in the future.

Craig submitted 89 signatures on behalf of Atherstone Maintained Nursery School and Bedworth Heath Maintained Nursery School. Marcus presented his petition on behalf of 116 constituents in support of Stockingford Nursery School.

Craig Tracey MP commented:
“Atherstone and Bedworth Heath Maintained Nursery Schools are excellent establishments for local children. They are award winning and having worked closely with their Head Teacher during my time as MP I am fully aware of their importance for our community. Parents, Governors and Teachers are concerned, and I was pleased to be able to highlight this campaign in Parliament.”

Marcus Jones MP said:
“I want to see maintained nursery schools supported into the future and that’s why I was pleased to present the petition on behalf of local residents. Stockingford Nursery School is an excellent and important resource for the local community and I will do all I can to support them.”