Local MP Craig Tracey campaigns in Parliament for Secondary Breast Cancer awareness

13th October marked Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day and North Warwickshire & Bedworth’s voice in Parliament was working to help promote the cause and will host a Parliamentary debate on the  issue. 

Craig Tracey MP hosted a Secondary Breast Cancer event in Parliament which was attended by nearly 100 MPs. The event was aimed at raising awareness for Breast Cancer Care’s campaigns on better care for women living with the disease and the need for better data collection. Without robust data collection on the number of people diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, it is extremely difficult for commissioners to effectively plan services to support people living with the disease. This is demonstrated in a lack of specialist nursing and poor access to palliative care.

Craig Tracey, who is a Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer said:
“Breast Cancer Care are supporting women up and down the country who are living with this terrible disease. We want to raise awareness on what Politicians can do to improve care for secondary breast cancer. It was very poignant to meet with the brave women at the event today who are living with secondary breast cancer. 

“I have secured a debate in Parliament next week to discuss the care available and the campaigns that this charity is championing. The Department of Health will be attending and I am confident that some good will come of it.”

It is estimated that 570,000 people across the UK have breast cancer with 36,000 of these suffering from secondary breast cancer – meaning the disease has returned and spread and is incurable.

David Crosby, Director of Services and Engagement for Brest Cancer Care commented:
“It is really important that MPs from all Parties understand the impact on people lives of secondary breast cancer. Breast Cancer Care is delighted that so many MPs have come out to help highlight the issue.”

For care, support and information call Breast Cancer Care’s nurses free on 0808 800 6000 or visit breastcancercare.org.uk