Craig welcomes new Inspector role in North Warwickshire

Local MP Craig Tracey has welcomed news that a new Inspector role will be created for North Warwickshire Borough.

Superintendent Mike Smith of Warwickshire Police stated:
“We will be adding a new fourth Inspector post with responsibility for North Warwickshire Borough and Stratford District. This fourth Inspector will also have responsibility for a new rural crime team which we will be introducing later this year.”

North Warwickshire’s Member of Parliament Craig Tracey responded to the news:
“This is more positive news for our local police force and residents. Rural crime has a large impact in our community and it is reassuring for residents that our local police are tackling this issue head on. 

“Last week it was confirmed that there will be an additional £7m funding investment in Warwickshire’s police force with 100 front line personnel to be created as a result. This is in addition to the 50 new officers shortly due to complete their training. Furthermore I welcome the fact that crime has fallen compared to last year locally. Although there is more to be done to prevent crime, particularly so called ‘cross border’ crime originating from nearby cities, I am encouraged that substantial and significant steps are being taken.”