Craig Tracey backs English votes for English issues

Craig Tracey, recently selected Parliamentary Candidate for North Warwickshire & Bedworth, has backed Conservative Party calls for fairer devolution to England following the Scottish Referendum. 

Shuttington resident Craig, who will contest the general election in his home constituency, hoped for a no vote before his upcoming wedding in Scotland this week. Craig said:

“I was following the Scottish debate closely; like many people I wanted Scotland to vote no and keep our country together. I also had a personal interest as my fiancée Karen and I are getting married in Scotland this week!

“But the debate has raised the West Lothian question again; Scotland will be getting more devolved powers, however England and Wales should not be excluded from a fairer distribution of local powers. Put simply, it does not seem fair to me that Scottish MPs are able to vote on educational issues in England but English MPs are not allowed to vote on the same issues that affect Scotland. 

“This issue impacts upon us in North Warwickshire & Bedworth as we could have more of a say on local issues. I back the Prime Minister’s view that there should also be English votes for English laws."