Brexit Update 8th Dec

Firstly, can I thank constituents for their patience over the last few weeks. I appreciate that this is a huge decision for our constituency & country. In my role as MP, it was important though that I was given as free a hand as possible challenge the deal put forward.

Over the last two weeks I have made attempts to improve the EU withdrawal proposals that have been on the table, having repeatedly made my concerns to the Government, at all levels, clear over what I feel needs to change.

Unfortunately there is no indication that any improvements will be made to the proposals in the key areas of concern. If this turns out to be the case then I will have no option but to vote against the agreement on Tuesday.

I understand that some people have wanted me to come out and condemn the proposals from the beginning, but I believe that with such a momentous decision for our country it was important that I tried to achieve change before declaring publicly in advance of the vote.

Before the vote I will continue to push for these changes in the interests of the people of North Warwickshire and Bedworth and indeed the UK as a whole.