My Plan


 Continue to support George Eliot Hospital and protect vital services

I want to ensure the Eliot is never mismanaged again, as it was under Labour. We have invested in more nurses and doctors. We will invest £2 billion per year extra in the NHS. Read more about my campaign to support our hospital here.

 Supporting residents with mitigation & carrying on the fight against HS2.

High Speed rail will have a huge impact on many of our villages & towns including; Gilson, Coleshill, Water Orton, Middleton, Marston, Bodymoor Heath, Kingsbury, Newton Regis, Birchmoor, Austrey and Polesworth. Read more about the fight against HS2 here.

 A long-term plan to build a strong local economy with job and apprentice opportunities for all.

Locally, unemployment has fallen by 73%, we continue to support a growing economy. Opportunities for young people are a priority for me, we must ensure school leavers have bright futures. We have helped create 4,000 new apprenticeships locally.
I have also focused on helping those with long-term health issues back into work.

 Make sure the will of the people to leave the EU is respected​​​​​​​.

67% of local people voted to leave the EU as I did. I will work with Theresa May to ensure the best possible deal for our community and the UK. I want the UK to take back control of our laws and borders.

 Leading the local campaign for safer roads & tougher penalties for dangerous drivers.

I will continue to campaign for road safety improvements in our most dangerous black spots. I have had success in Parliament in bringing forward tougher sentences for dangerous drivers.

 Green belt to be safeguarded & communities to be better protected from inappropriate developments.

My principles on planning are that green belt should be protected and local residents should be consulted. I am working to stop inappropriate developments and get the best deal for local people.