Kweku Adoboli

The UK Borders Act 2007 outlines that a deportation order must be made in respect of a foreign criminal sentenced to imprisonment for a period of one year or more, unless their case meets an exception set out by Parliament.

Kweku Adoboli has been described as the biggest rogue trader in UK history. Unpopular as banks may be in some quarters, losing $2.25bn through unauthorised trading is not a 'victimless' crime. Mr Adoboli was sentenced to seven years' imprisonment. By any measure, this is a lengthy sentence for fraud and reflects not only the seriousness of the crime, but also the man's attitude while committing it-and his attitude afterwards. 

The decision to deport Mr Adoboli has been upheld at successive court appeals spanning four years and the case was not found to meet any of the exceptions in the Act. I have been assured that all legal representations from Mr Adoboli were considered ahead of a decision to deport him and he has had opportunities to make further representations as part of the appeal process, which is independent of any politician and, indeed, the Home Office. I understand that a final judicial review has been granted in this case and I will be following this process with interest.